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All system users are subject to monitoring and recording all their activities and things in the systems. When a user is found to be abusing the procedure on monitors or recording techniques, the user is profoundly victimized, with disciplinary actions taken against him.


There is also the possibility of the termination or restriction of the user for violations of NS Mainframe corporate guidelines. Furthermore, it is also considered as a serious crime. If you commit a serious crime, you will be prosecuted, and you will not be able to avoid punishment.

Services By NS Corp Mainframe

Property Leases

The leased land is available at thousands of locations across NS. If you wish to rent property from NS or one of its affiliates, please complete the Land Lease Request Form and submit it for NS’ consideration. If you have any questions about cell towers, please contact Joette Barton at [email protected] or by calling 470-463-7651.

Buy Land From NS.

We have completed the purchase of the NS property. You need to contact the relevant real estate agent in order to purchase a property owned by NS. Once NS has determined the availability of a certain property, it will make contact with you in order to discuss this further.


Wire, Pipeline, and Fiber Optics Projects

Fiber optic, duct, and cable licensing projects. Norfolk Southern hired RailPros to manage its pipeline and fixed-line program to assist utilities and local authorities in obtaining utility permits. Using RailPros, a new, innovative, and transparent online approval and management system is available for coordinating and approving public services.

Risk Financing Fee Change

Participants in the Norfolk Southern Pipe and Wire program understand that Norfolk Southern may offer a risk premium as an alternative to purchasing Rail Protection Liability (RPL) coverage on a specific project. Norfolk Southern may use the risk rate to add tasks to its core RPL policy.